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Rob Berry

Rob Berry is a Chicago-area based Media Music  Composer and Sound Designer. He has written music and  designed audio for ads, games, TV shows and corporate  America. His work has been heard on everything from  ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ to ‘Cap’n Crunch’  commercials, in casinos internationally, and on hundreds  of games available on your smartphone or tablet. While  running his business out of Warrenville, Illinois, he also  volunteers for the Victories organization, a non-profit  which helps men build the meaningful lives they deserve.  It is through that spirit of giving, and because of his  relationship with the filmmakers and some of those  interviewed, that he accepted the honor of providing  music for this special and very important film.  ...

Patrick Cheng

Patrick Cheng is an Award-winning Artist, Animator and Motion Designer who resides in Chicago, IL.   For over 15-years, Patrick has worked for a plethora of different industries, including Entertainment, Technology and Advertising.  These include multiple mediums such as Film, Television, Web and Videogames. Patrick currently does not own a cat.  ...

Keith Kelly

Keith Kelly is the Director, Cinematographer and Editor of “Showing Up-Dare To Live From Your Heart”.  Keith formed his own production company, Innovative Communications, in 1990 and has over 30 years of experience in media production, storytelling and branding. Building upon his diverse background, he has helped hundreds of companies-from solo entrepreneurs to billion-dollar corporations-effectively tell their stories, touching the hearts and minds of their target audiences. Keith has a degree in Broadcast Production from Bradley University.  He started his media career in Radio in Central Illinois as the morning drive DJ of a Top 40 rock station.  Keith is also a professional on-camera actor, and has appeared in over 60 Films, TV Shows and Commercials. Additionally, he is an Instructor at the Illinois Media School, and one of the classes he teaches is all about Documentaries.  ...

Nancy Hill

Nancy J Hill, LCSW: Author, Filmmaker, Retreat Guide. a wife,  mother, grandmother.  My mission is to help others find their voice and speak their truth.   I have a Master’s degree in Social Work and have been in the helping professions over 40 years. To say that I’m a seasoned professional is to say that curry is a bit spicy. April of 2013, at 69, My first published book Unfolding: Slow Down, Drop In, Dare More was published by White Cloud Press. I led two workshops in Paris as the book was released. Annually, I offer workshops in variety of locations that includes Taos, New Mexico.  A central idea from the book inspired the film.  “It takes audacity to resist the urge to settle into complacency. It requires repeated leaps into the unknown. Courageous choices that proclaim our essence are both risky and rewarding. They reveal who we are.” October 2022, at 78 my first Film was released, Showing Up: Dare to Live from Your Heart.  I am the writer and producer. Now it is an award-winning film that includes 2023 winner of the Best Feature Length Documentary in Star City Film Festival in Iowa.    Publications  Unfolding:Slow Down, Drop In, Dare More on Amazon SCHMOOZE YOUR MUSE: JOURNALING TOLOSE YOUR MIND, FIND YOUR SOUL ANDEMBODY YOUR VOICE. FREE ON daremore.com Other website: www.daremore.com email: nancy@ShowingUp.Film   Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nancy.j.hill https://www.facebook.com/nancy.j.hill Author http://www.Facebook.com/showingUp.Film Instagram, Nancy j Hill Twitter @NancyJHill Linked In http://linkedin.com/in/nancy-j-hill-lcsw-9237a935 ...

David Dennis

David Dennis is our cameraman in Mexico for Showing Up: Dare to Live from your Heart.  He is retired from the Texas Department of Information Resources. He now focuses on spiritual development, travel, and recovery activities. His avocation is creating videos of a variety of  Ajijic, Mexico events. These projects include weddings, memorial services, parties, and promotional pieces. He also helps expats in Mexico prepare their video memoirs ...